How to Block (Unblock) Emails on Hotmail

To block a Mail in Hotmail or Outlook here’s what we do.

For example, here I have an email from a person that I want to block, if I right click on this mail I can choose the Block option.

Another way is to click on the email, once inside I click on the more actions.

Here again we find the same options, click on Block.

Now in this window outlook informs us that when blocking it this mail will be deleted if this person tries to send us a mail again. It will go directly to junk email folder.

If we activate the check box to block all emails from It will be a problem for us.

Since it will block to all the Mail’s that are of Hotmail so we will not activate it. We click on OK. That’s it. It’s already blocked.

Now how can we Unblock it.

We click on that Settings button, then we click on View all Outlook settings.

In the Mail tab will click on Junk email.

Here we can see the mail we have blocked a moment ago. In this section we can add other emails that we want to block. Click on Add and write the email then press the Ok key.

We can also add a domain, click on add and type it in. All the emails that have that domain will be blocked it is quite fast to do. If we want to unblock someone we click on the trashcan button with the pencil button.

We can also edit some blocked emails. I will unblock this last one. Never forget to click Save to save your changes.