Create a contact group / distribution list in Hotmail

Hello this is Kevin Stratvert, let me show you how to create a contact group or also known as a distribution list and Microsoft Outlook.

Sign in Hotmail account, then click on New items up in the top left, click More items => Contact group.

Give it a name, I’m gonna name it “Coworkers”.

Click on Add members, if you click address book it’ll pull up your global address list.

But I’m gonna pull from my Outlook contacts.

Choose contact you want, I could add more people click Ok.

So I have two people in my “coworkers” contact group. Click on Save and Close. Whenever you make a contact group it puts it in

How to send email to Contact Group

Click New email, message type in “coworkers” tab down if it puts it in bold it underlines that it works. If you click on the plus sign it will expand it so you can see what’s going to.

Another way to get there is to click the To button and go find it in your contacts.

There it is click OK. So that’s how you create a contact group or distribution in Microsoft Outlook.