Creating a Shared Calendar

How to creating a shared calendar.

First of all, login to Hotmail account.

So I’m here in Outlook and I’m going to navigate to calendar.

And up here at the top I’m gonna click the green plus where it says Open calendar.

and I’m going to create a new blank calendar.

You can name it whatever you need to name it. And here from this drop-down menu the calendar items itself is fine so you want to leave that selected that is the default so just don’t change it.

Down here under select where to place the folder just leave calendar selected that again is. the default and you should leave it alone. So now we’re going to click OK.

And you’ll see over here under my calendars I now have a new calendar called Shared learning opportunities.

So if I click on it, and then right-click on it.

I can select to Share it and then to Email calendar.

A little window will appear here and it’s going to list some options for me.

However all of these options are fine the way they are. Unless you don’t want the people that you’re sharing this with to have the full details of the calendar and then you can select one of these other options.

Click OK and then another window appears asking if the calendar “shared learning opportunities” that does not contain any appointments is the one. I’m wanting to share and I’m gonna click Yes.

And then I can proceed just like I do with any email.

I can then select the permissions for this calendar. So I can decide how that person is going to get to contribute or possibly not contribute to this calendar.

So here at the top I’m going to click Calendar permissions and then I’m going to select Shanna’s name from the permissions list down.

Here I can set her permission level.

If you want that person to be able to add and edit any event on the calendar you want to select either owner or publishing editor.