To create a Hotmail account, the first thing you have to do is go to Outlook through this address and create a .NET Passport account (one time this email service is called, and complete registration.

When on the Outlook page, you’ll find the following:

  1. Access: On the right, an option that says something like “No Microsoft account? Create one?” Appears.
  2. Registration page: When you click this link, you will automatically be redirected to the registration page where you can create a Hotmail account.
  3. Account preferences: There are some parts to subscribe to, but the most important thing is to enter your desired email address and its extension (you can choose, Hotmail, es options, etc.).
  4. Password: Of course, you must also choose a password that you must always keep safe. We recommend using a long sentence that includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.
  5. Personal Information: The other data is personal and Outlook uses both to know who you are and to provide you with a better experience when using your service. However, they are data that you can invent.
  6. Phone Number: Finally, you will find that Outlook will ask you for your phone number. This is important because it is the way Outlook can determine who you are at the time of registration, and then when you log into the site. It is also a great protection against hackers (or to recover your password if you forgot it)
  7. Complete: Once you’ve completed the entire form, you can click “Create Account” and it’s good, you’ve successfully created your account.


Now that you have seen how to sign up for Hotmail through your computer, we can now see how to create a Hotmail account from your smartphone. To do this, you must meet two basic conditions:

  1. Have a smartphone or tablet running Android 2.3 or higher or iOS 4.0 or higher, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry OS.
  2. Wifi, 3G or 4G connection.

When both of these conditions are met, you can start creating your Hotmail account from your mobile phone:

  1. Download the Outlook app.
  2. Install and run the application, and when prompted for your username and password, select the “Sign up” option.
  3. Enter your personal data and most importantly the email address you want to have and your password.
  4. Click create account and return to the home screen.
  5. Enter your e-mail address and password and start enjoying your Hotmail account.


Hotmail has a lot of advantages over other platforms, especially since it has been redesigned for its latest alliance with Outlook. So, the benefits you will have will be:

  1. Inbox: Very comfortable and dynamic, with many options in one click. It’s an inbox, above all, ensuring user comfort.
  2. Folders: You can also create folders to better organize the e-mails you receive, so that all the e-mails you receive from your family will end up in the same place and not. lost.
  3. Skype: Another very important point that is rarely considered when you open an email account is by creating a Hotmail account, you have instant access to Skype, something that can not be done with someone else. email account.
  4. OneDrive: Another interesting option, though less spectacular than Skype, is the ability to access OneDrive (it’s less spectacular, as Gmail, for example, also has this option with its Google Drive).
  5. Calendar: You also have access to a completely free calendar to arrange your dates.

As you can see, creating a Hotmail account is simple. I hope this article has helped you and you have enjoyed your e-mail to communicate with friends and family.