Hotmail login – How to Sign in to Account?

In article, we will talk about the email service and how to Sign in Hotmail account. We will discuss the various aspects involved, such as its history, its features, and how it had the spectacular growth it had at that time.


Hotmail login is simple. Sure, if you read this article, your problem is that you can not access it for any reason. If this is your case, please go directly to the third part of this article, because you will find information on that.

But before that, we will explain how to connect to Hotmail through the site, and then how to do it through the App for smartphone users who want to login Hotmail.

The Computer:

Visit: First, visit here, this is the official page of this email service.

Hotmail address

Enter your login information: Your Email, phone or Skype account. If this is the first time, create Hotmail account.

And if you want, this is how to sign in with a Security key to Hotmail account.

The Android device

Sign in Hotmail from your mobile phone is almost as easy as your computer. However, you must meet some requirements to do so.

The first thing is that you have to have a mobile phone compatible with the Outlook app, because to access from the phone, it is better to do it from the App than from the web.

The second requirement is to have a Wi-Fi connection so that your phone has Internet access.

If you meet these two requirements, the steps to follow are simple:

  1. Download the app. The first step is to download the app. It’s free and you can get it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on whether you’re using Android or iOS.
  2. Install and launch it: Once you have downloaded the application, you must install and open it. Download and installation may take several minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
  3. Enter your login information: By typing Apps, you will be asked to enter your login information. Just enter them and click “Connect”.
  4. It’s done: With this simple procedure, you will have direct access to your Hotmail inbox.


Check this first:

  • Make sure you enter the correct email and CAPS LOCK is off when entering your password.
  • You should try to sign in to Hotmail with a browser other than the one you use regularly.
  • Make sure your device is connected to the Internet strong enough. If you connect using wifi, try connecting your PC with ethernet.
  • If you recently changed your password, try entering your old password.

And If these do not help you log back into your account, try resetting your password or see if one of the other scenarios below applies to you.

  1. Reset your Hotmail account password.
  2. If you do not remember your Microsoft account email address, click here.
  3. Your account is locked.
    • If you’ve seen a notice that your profile is temporarily blocked, we may have detected spam or the use of your account’s fraud or content that violates our Terms of Use.
  4. If you sign in at another location
    • Microsoft keeps an eye out for unusual sign-in activity on your account, just in case someone is trying to access your account. If you are moving to a new location or using a new device, we may ask you to confirm that it is you.

WHAT IS HOTMAIL? is an email service that can be accessed from any device. What seems quite normal today, was really new at that time.

Before Hotmail appeared in 1996, the only way to connect with email or email was to download it to your computer, which means you can not access it from other devices.

Today, Hotmail has become Outlook, and since it has undergone changes for twenty years, Hotmail was initially completely unrecognizable. Let’s see a little more about his story.


The origin of Hotmail dates back to the end of 1995, when two students at Stanford University began to study the idea of ​​allowing them to communicate without their conversation being recorded on the computers of their company. work (none other than Apple).

The idea is gradually evolving, becoming a free, secure and simple e-mail system, but it has a great advantage: It runs on the Internet and its users no longer need to download anything. something to use it.

After the presentation of the project to more than 19 venture capital firms, none of them showed any interest. Then, Draper Fisher Jurvetson came and was willing to finance the project in exchange for a 15% stake in the company.

After a year, the two founders had a growth that is now very famous (I’ll talk about it in the last part of this article), and by the end of 1996, the foundation had more than half a million user.

By 1997, they had increased from half a million to six million users.

Microsoft bought the company for $400 million. When Microsoft made the purchase, Hotmail email service had 9 million users and today totals about 300 million.


Features that have created most popular email service in the world remain intact for over 20 years. Speed, simplicity, security and completely free.

This has to be added to Microsoft’s work to keep this email service at the forefront of technology, and that is why, even if new entrants are constantly appearing, Hotmail is still one of the translators. best of email.

The biggest growth in history

Today, with the technological advances we have, it’s quite common to see different platforms, tools, and services that allow users to get additional services in exchange for a platform with friends. their.

Take the example of DropBox, where you can get more storage to exchange platforms with your friends on social networks. This is called Hack growth (making users help to get more customers).

It’s easy to do today, with an Internet population to connect to each other. But in 1996, when Hotmail was born, it was much more complicated. However, they did it.


By a simple line that is automatically added to the end of all emails saying “PS I Love You. “

Thanks to this tip, the Hotmail user base has grown exponentially, at an asymmetric rate, since every email that has been sent has created a new user.

Yes, a very smart strategy brings great benefits to society.

As you can see, email has a long history and it is interesting to know and understand why it evolved so much. So you will feel more comfortable with him.


Apparently, Hotmail has the same functionality as Gmail and Yahoo!mail, which is to send and receive e-mails.

We can send email from Gmail to Yahoo, Yahoo to Hotmail or to any service. So we do not need to worry if the email we are headed is not the same service as us.

What is clear, because Microsoft’s (hotmail) hotmail is automatically fully supported by Microsoft to ensure its security and service can also be guaranteed.

Yes, it does not feel like it has come to last word. Is it easy to not create e-mails on all three services?

Usually everyone has multiple email addresses, I personally have many emails on Google and some emails on Yahoo and Outlook. You can use e-mail to register Facebook.

My advice is, separate email based needs. For example: for online stores, lectures and offices. With good email management, your life is better organized. Perhaps that is just a complete e-mail guide that we can provide.